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How to Realize that Nobody Cares (in a good way)

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Nobody Cares (in a good way)

One thing that I have to admit I have let myself fall victim to is caring what others think. By caring, I mean worrying and constantly feeling as if I was being watched by 10 snipers, as if my head tilt to the left side at an angle of 4.6 degrees was being  judged and deciphered to find what my true character was.

I read an article on another blog not too long ago about the fact that nobody cares.  This is actually a good thing.  This illlustrates that ultimately there is only one person responsible for going out and making life happen.  It also illustrates to me the fact that people really do not think about me that much.  I never think obsessively about someone I see for 10 seconds somewhere and niether does anyone else.

Recently I went to a party, which consisted of many different areas but the main attraction being the dancefloor.  The first half of the party I was having an alright time, kind of dancing, kind of talking to people, kind of participating in activities.  It wasn’t bad, but wasn’t amazing either.

I went other places, then found myself on the dancefloor again, feeling awkward while dancing.  During this slight awkwardness, I started looking around at everyone.  I then thought about what I had read, that nobody cared that I was there.  I kept dancing around half-assed, observing to see if this was true.

I started to dance only in the way that would amuse myself, and started to have a blast. I finally realized during this experience that, I didn’t really care all that much about the other people there, and nobody gave a damn that I was there.

I started going up and doing all sorts of stuff to groups of girls dancing by themselves.  The catch is I was only doing it to have fun myself.  I was shoving my ass in the middle and shaking it, bumping people with my hip (and sometimes with quite some force) and dancing around to whatever I felt like.

I entered a group of asian girls and danced right in the middle of them, then started dancing around and telling them it was their turn.  Everyone started going in the middle and made fools of themselves.  We started having a great little time and then others started coming over and joined us.

Realizing Nobody Cares is an Easy Way To Have a Good Time

I left that night feeling satisfied, and that is only because I realized that nobody cared I was there.  I was there for myself, to amuse myself, and have a good time.  If others commented about me or acted nonchalant, I moved on to the next fun group.

This is my first experience of finally starting to consciously realize that other people do not care or look/judge me as much as my mind would lead me to believe.  To further test this out I walked around the next day with my shirt unbuttoned in public places so that my chest and body were exposed like I was some cocky bastard.  Nobody cared. I went inside a movie theater, still half naked, nobody said a single word to me about it.

The next day I was wearing funky sunglasses and was going to the grocery store.  I felt odd and uncomfortable for some reason wearing them inside, but did so anyways just to test it out.  Again, nobody cared.  Even if they did, I was still being amused, so it didn’t really matter.

Of course I am not advocating walking around with your wang out just because you think it is funny, but simply to start thinking only about having a great time.  A great time means letting other people in on your fun, not making them have to suffer for you to have a cheap thrill.

If you find that you have some social anxiety or for some reason feel very self-conscious when you are out in situations like these, try just going with the flow and seeing what people do.  Some people will be in a fun mood like you and will want to join you, while others may try to bring you down to their level of unhappiness.  Ignore the latter.

So how can you start putting this habit into place?  My suggestion would be to go somewhere where there might be dancing and just letting loose in whatever feels the most fun to you, trying out a little odd detail while walking around in public to prove to yourself you won’t die by wearing that funky hat, or to simply go out and have your only goal to amuse yourself.  Or you could *gasp* express yourself and see what happens.

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