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The One Week Confidence Booster

Have you ever watched or really listened to your thoughts? REALLY payed attention?

For a lot of people there can be any crazy array of thoughs such as:
“I’ve tried that before and it didn’t work, trying again would just be a waste of time.”
“I just wasn’t born with the talent.”
“I would look like a dumbass.”
“She/he will just snub me.”
“That would never work.”
“I AM a dumbass.”
“Maybe one day…”

These appear obvious, but the scary thing is a lot of times these run on autopilot without us even aware that they are looping on and off in our heads.

I recently tried something for myself just for the hell of it.  Everytime a wussy thought came into my head, some weird BS that would appear out of nowhere, I would simply dismiss it with a…

F*** That, I’m a PIMP!

Now, that looks a little funny to even me  when it’s written out.  I don’t want this blog to be too vulgar, but hey, this is reality.  Feel free to replace it with whatever you want.  The main thing, however, that this started doing to me was

1. F*** That = Me letting go of the thought in such a way that it literally says, screw THAT I deserve better.
2. I’m a Pimp = Telling myself that I have high standards and only accept the best.

Saying something like this communicates a lot of things to ourselves in a subtle way.  When I first started saying this, it was with a very cocky overtone and had a fun feel to it.  It was fun to say and just joke around with it.

And then all of a sudden I started to believe it.

When you say it to yourself (or whatever phrase you chose that has enough strength to kick your inner wussy’s ass) try saying the F*** that/Screw that/Whatever part in a way that makes it so that the original thought just comes off as absurd, as if some salesman just offered you a 1997 beat up Jetta that had a chick fresh out of high school drive it into the ground for the price of $560,800, then say I’m a PIMP/I’m a STUD/I’m a sexy lil bish! right after you tell him to get lost.

I actually started feeling almost like a jerk with an ego, and then when I realized that I simply reminded myself I wasn’t the center of the universe, but I was, indeed, a god damn pimp.  True pimps help out other respectable people, they just don’t take any shit from nobawdy.  I mean in reality,  why SHOULD I believe in wussy thoughts?  What the hell is the point of that?  Has living someone else’s standards ever worked?  What’s wrong with making my own standards for a change? That is the message you want to convey to yourself.  See, I really am starting to believe it.

It sounds a little juvenile so just have fun with it at first, then start saying it with conviction and force, hell yell it out the next time you are on the public bus, and who knows you just might become a cocky bastard/bish.

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