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Becoming Vulnerable

Hello.  My name is TJ.  I’m full of shit (and I’m laughing while I write that) and realized that it is time to come to terms with life and take some responsibility.  How?  By finally facing my fears and becoming vulnerable out in the world.

I am about to become a junior in College, and let’s just say the first two years of my schooling I haven’t well, done much.  Shyness and other fears have kept me from going out there and living life, and I’ve finally had enough of that (I think).

I realized I have this crazy deep fear of becoming vulnerable, wearing my heart out on my sleeve, and having people reject it (“it” being the real me and not the insecure persona me).

This blog is going to share some things that I have learned and hopefully I will meet some others in the same boat.  I am just starting down this path and I think I made the conscious decision to do so about 2 weeks ago.  If you feel as though you finally want to actually take CONTROL of your life, whenever some thought based on USELESS emotions, such as paranoia/low-self esteem/fear/my penis is small, to be able to say “**** that I am a PIMP” and finally start living your life how YOU want to live it and not your parents/ex-girlfriend/cousin/pet turtle wants you to live, please comment and share with me your thoughts, ideas, etc.

I have no ego to this blog and I actually want to encourage people to criticize posts, tell me when my spll1ng is wrong, or point out new tools to help further personal growth.

This blog is called Becoming Vulnerable because I believe to truly live life as a human being one has to thrust one’s self out there and start living like the real you, following YOUR passions.  I am sharing this to help keep myself accountable, meet other people going through the same thing, and well, to become more vulnerable 🙂

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